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Intuitive Abstract Painting

Held at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts 19805 W. Capitol Drive Brookfield, WI

Saturday, July 21
10:00am – 2:30pm*

With an emphasis on composition, speed, and gesture, this class will be a fun one-day experience in painting. Work on loosening up, achieving bold brushwork, and expressing your mood. Exercises will help students get painting. Class discussion will help students understand their results.

Supplies not included.
*Please bring a sack lunch to eat during a short class intermission

Little Paintings

Little Paintings

Today I am beginning a series of small 5″ x 7″ paintings.  I am doing this for a few reasons.  First and most importantly I feel great artistic freedom in making these smaller works as simple but provocative color abstracts.  I envision this as being a possible wall at my next solo show coming up this September.  With the Mount Mary Starving Artist show also in September I need some smaller inventory.  Finally, my recent 20+ Paintings Class in Fish Creek has inspired me to return to small for a while.  Working small allows me to figure a lot of things out.  There is a sensitivity and a simplicity to the landscape when broken down to be contained at this size.

These are the first round of prepared panels.  I work on masonite.  I begin by gently sanding the surface.  Then I apply 2-3 coats of gesso.  Finally I apply a base color.  Here I have used red, orange, and yellow.