Proust Quote

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands,but in seeing with new eyes.

-Marcel Proust

As artists, thinkers, and creators it is important that we never get too comfortable, or make assumptions in our exprience of the world.  In doing so, we filter out what could potentially be genius insights or life changing expriences.   It’s important to remember, but easy to forget. Our brains seems to want to somehow instinctively switch into autopilot.

New Drawings!

I have posted some new drawings in the gallery that I am excited about.  They are mostly rough quick drawings, but they continue to inform my stylization and study of shapes.

Perception Quote

“To reproduce the three-dimensional two-dimensionally, however, is an excercise in abstraction.  As with all illusions, two-dmensional art is a critique on the limits of perception.”

GeoffreyBent- “Let there be Giotto”

This quote is taken from an essay by Bent about Giotto published in Boulevard-Vol.23.  Giotto is a 13th Century Itlaian painter who is credited with breaking many of the traditions of art in that time and forming a movement in painting that gets away from the flat, two-dimensional imagery and aspires to create the illusion of three-dmensions. I think that this quote is a reminder of how painting is still painting. we are reinterpreting and transferring what we see onto a two-dimensional plane.  Therefore, we are always at the mercy of our own perceptions, no matter our intentions.


The Kiss of Judas

Giotto (1267-1337)

Fresco, Scrovegni Chapel, Padua

Nature vs. Natural

One important concept I tackle in my work is that of nature vs. natural.  I depict nature, but not in a natural way.  I often postarize it, pulling out patterns and shapes in bright colors and high contrast.  As a result, there are multiple factors at play.  I am create something that is aesthetic and of visual interest.  I am also seeking patterns, dominant forms, and repetitions.  Finally, there is the underlying sense of nature and structure as both organic and free, but somehow designed.  I am perhaps the unnatural designer, applying artistic aesthetics to natural aesthetics.  This is what artists do, recreate the world in their own visual language.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available.  For a flat hourly fee, I can customize lessons based on your individual needs and goals.  These lessons can be held at my studio in Bay View, or I can travel within reason.  Please contact me for details.


I do these experimental watercolors in between larger works.  I bounce back and forth between them, and it has become very important.  They are a free space, where I have no inhibitions, and just play.  Visually, I think they are very potent, and they have substance and content as well, but I do not stress about it while I make them.  I think there is often more “truth” to these, than any other work I do.  They give me a place to clear my head and loosen my approach.  They are perfect therapy.

On Journaling

I intend to post selected parts of my journal here, for the purpose of providing insight into what I do as well as what I read, who I follow, etc.  I hope I manage to keep up with it.  Journaling is a necessary thing for any art form, and I think it can be of great interest to those viewing art as well.  It is all about knowledge.

Oil Painting

I am moving back to oil painting, and I am realizing how fun it is!  I had forgotten how rich and vibrant it can be.  It is also allowing me to work larger, which is doing all kinds of new things to the image!  I can’t wait to post more!